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At The Space we endevour to provide our visitors collectors schools & museum's with the best possible service and quality of space and Nasa collectables learning aids and space flown artifacts. Just a part of our space range includes: High Detailed Models' Medallions And Coins' Flown In Space' Limited Special Edition Artifacts' Moon Mars Rocks & Metorites' Space Astronomy Books DVD Blu Rays' Mission Pins & Patches' And much more. New rare and unique collectables come in everyday so please remember to add us to your favarites list. Everything at The Space is FREE Delivery!

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                        Learning Teaching And Making Human Space Exploration A Reality.


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Quality High Detail Replica Space Model Collection

Below are models of the Nasa Space Shuttle - Mars Rover Spirit - USSR Russion Sputnik


                              Both Putnik Models  Spirit Model  shuttle model

                                                                     Full Model Collection


                                           Comemorative Medallions Containing Space Flown Metals.




                           Space & Nasa Replica Models

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                           Meadllions Medals And Coins

                                 Pin Badges & Patches

                                 Clothing & Jewellery

                                      Astronomy And Space Books

                                Mars And Rovers

                                Genuine Moon & Mars Rocks

                                Space Documentory And Movie DVDs & Blu Ray






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